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      Characteristics of smart home solutions:Including intelligent household、Community hardware products+Yue standing platform software system+Design and installation plan。

      Comprehensive professionals team support:Dedicated channel business docking,Hand to support the market,The standard market training and accurate installation of the consummation post-sale service。

      Strong market support:Unified national west valley digital experience store design、Manufacturers to build standard terminal experience store,Provide specialized marketing、Terminal publicity materials、Personnel promotion support, etc。

      Internal and external resources:Offer a unique selection of west valley digital associated company internal and external resources,Push the sales market。

      Joining instructions

      The company brand、Product and the enterprise culture,Operation idea consistent with the company,And is willing to talk to a company“West valley”Grow up with the brand、Development!

      Have the corresponding fund operational capacity and sales channels and customer resources advantage,A certain influence in the area。

      Have special or willing to build brand operation west valley concrete sales team and after-sales team,Specific corresponding market development ability and service ability!

      Comply with national laws and regulations,Legitimate business。

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      ⑥The team there、Training

      ⑦Experience store opening preparation product for the opening

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